by: Tanaya Battle

The Birth of the DSL-120A

The first DSL-120A appeared in 2000 but a specific year on when it was invented was not given. It was designed to be a towed vehicle by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Its job is to carry side scan sonars to a maximum depth of 6000 m.

All about the DSL-120A

The DSL-120A has two side-scan sonars. One to map the left and another to map the right. On each sonar there is a pinger that sends sound waves to the ocean floor once every 0.8 seconds to the receivers so they can catch the echo. DSL-120A sonars gather two types of information. The first is to measure the intensity of the returning signal. The second is to measure the bathymetry or contours of the surface it is measuring.

!!!!! DSL-120A FUN FACTS !!!!!

{Physical Dimensions of vehicle are length of 3.3m, height of 1.1m, width of 0,7m, weight in air of 390kg, and depth capacity of 6000m.}

{The DSL-120A can carry up to 6 people}

{It was the first submersible vehicle to go in the water}

{Has made many discoveries like how lava has erupted on the ridge crest}