By Serena Robinson

They speak Italian.  It is the official language.

The colors of the flag of Italy are green, white, and red .  

Italy is right where the point is. Italy's land area is 116,305 sq mi (301, 230 sq km).

The culture is the people and animals.  Ninety percent of the population of Italy is Roman Catholic. The clothing is the same as us.

 Italy is headed by the President who appoints the Prime Minister, the elected head of the Government. The Italian President is Sergio Mattarella and there is a picture of him.
His age is 73 years old.


In 1946 Italians votes to the end of monarchy and the make a their nation.

In 2001 June 11, Berlusconi's , second term as Prime Minister of the begins.

In 2003 in March 20, Italy to take a part in the Iraq War , although populations show the disapproval through the great of the peace of the flags.
In 2009 April 6 , a mountain area of the Abruzzo it was badly hit by a earthquake.

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