Hour of Code

Anyone Can Learn

Mark Zuckerberg, Will I Am, Bill Gates, Chris Bosh....they all know how to code.  They make a lot of money.  

For this class, you are required to do one hour of code.  It's quite easy.  Just click on the button below, create an account and a password.  When complete, download your certificate and turn into Edmodo.  It must be completed by Friday, December 12th at the end of the period.  You can always work on it outside of class.  Keep your userid just like typingweb.com and use your student id # as your password.  Remember, without an account, you can't save your progress.  Without a certificate, I can't give you credit.

Enjoy learning about writing code.  Remember, there will be more jobs than people to fill jobs that require this skill!  I completed an hour and so can you!