Some possible reason teenagers leave their homes and on to the street is because they may have family issues, child abuse, or the kid who is to old for foster care. Lets skip to foster care because I think you may have more question to that. Well foster care kicks their children out when they turn 18 years old and the reason for that is because in the Untied States you are considered an adult at that age and should be able to take care of your self. To be honest on what I believe is that the government should fund money for teens centers in all 50 States and is public to all street teens only.

These centers will have food, clothing, and help guide these kids to success and get them off the street with all the drug and alcoholic usage. Also the center will keep them from a bad influence like I said in the sentence before. The bad influence can lead these kids to theft and gangs.

In This video below it explains for information on what you need to know and is also by WarderBros.