Domain Archaea

Are mostly cells that live in extreme environments. They are rare because they live with other organisms and the organism has to live in the extreme environments.

Domain Bacteria

Are composed of organisms much more common than Archaea and live almost anywhere.

Domain Eukarya

It includes all of the organisms with eukaryotic cells, that is, those with membranous organelles (including mitochondria and chloroplasts).

Kingdom Archaea

Archaea are a domain of single-celled microorganisms. They have no cell nucleus or any other organelles inside their cells.

Kingdom Bacteria

Very small, simple, lack membrane-bound organelles, and have strong cell walls.

Kingdom Protista

mostly unicellular, some are multicellular (algae). Can be heterotrophic or autotrophic. Most live in water (though some live in moist soil or even the human body). ALL are eukaryotic (have a nucleus). A protist is any organism that is not a plant, animal or fungus.

Kingdom Fungi

The organisms in kingdom fungi include mushrooms, yeasts, molds, rusts, smuts, puffballs, truffles, morels, and molds.

Kingdom Plantae

Can make its own food from the sun and has cell walls.

Kingdom Animalia

Are multicelluar, consume other organisms to get energy, and are what we are.