Elena Kagan

Supreme Court Justice

Kagan was born and raised in New York City and is the fourth female to be a Supreme Court Justice. She attended school at prestigious schools such as Oxford, Princeton, and Harvard. She served as Associate Counsel and later as Deputy Counsel to the President for four years during the Clinton Administration. She was previously the U.S. Solicitor General. She became an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in 2010.

Kagan tends to be more liberal than conservative.

Significant Cases

Miller v. Alabama: Kagan voted against a 14-year-old charged with homicide being committed to jail for life without parole. The reasoning was that it violated the Eighth Amendment's forbidding of cruel and unusual punishment because he was a juvenile.

Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community - Kagan voted for the ruling that Indian communities have sovereign immunity that can only be revoked by Congress, and in this case the state of Michigan had no right to file a suit against the Indian tribe just because they built a casino on state land based on the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

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