Random Thoughts On an Olympic Effort to Make It Bigtime!

It costs me $1,444 per day to train for the Olympics...

I need your help to be able to win GOLD in Rio!

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Hi, My name is David Hein.

I am an 18 year old athlete who has dedicated my life to achieving my goal of winning Olympic Gold in Rio 2016. I train full-time while finishing my senior year of highschool and getting ready for college. My schedule includes 300 days of training and competing each year...that is more days training than most people with full time jobs spend working...it is twice the number of days a typical student spends in school...it is a ton of hard work, but it is worth it to have a chance to represent the USA as I attempt to win Olympic Sailing Gold!

My equipment, coaching, travel and competition fees cost a ton of money...a lot more money than a teenager makes in a year and the only way I can make ends meet is by continually fundraising. I get money from Corporate sponsors, I get money from working (I coach youth and adult sailors) but I get the majority of my funding from the incredible, passionate and generous individuals who believe in hard work, dedication and focus can bring success in your life.  Can you be a hero and help support my efforts?

My average daily expenses throughout the year are $1,444.00. Some days are less...some days are more, but when I look at the total expenses and divide it by 365 days in a year it comes out to $1,444. Can you help cover my training expense for today?

$1,444 is a lot of money and most people can't even consider donating that much money to an athlete...even when he is focused on becoming the best of the best and winning the highest level of athletic success, Olympic Gold! I wouldn't expect most people to be able to support my efforts at that rate. If you can, thank you so much. I will pour out my gratitude online and with reminders of my appreciation throughout the year...trust me when I tell you I will not forget you as I train to win Gold. If you want to support me but can't at that level, please keep reading.

An Olympic level coach is required to help me learn to perform at my best. Tactics, boathandling, teamwork, timing, critical problem solving and so much more come from working with the top coaches in the world but it comes at a cost. A day of coaching costs me $1,000 plus the coaches expenses. Can you pay for a day of coaching to help me perform at my best?

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I know $1,000 is a lot to ask and I would feel bad if you gave me the money to pay for a coach for a day if it was going to break the bank and cause you to miss something you enjoy. How about this for an idea? A coachboat coats $500 a day to charter. Would you be able to pay to charter a boat for my coach to use to help me perform at my best?

If $500 is too much, I get it.  It is still a lot of money and I know the stuff doesn't grow on trees (unless you are a citrus farmer in Central Florida and an orange doesn't yield anything close to 500 bucks!) here is another option for you to help me...A hotel plus meals for the team (coach and athletes) costs about $250. Can you cover our living expenses for a day?

If your eyes are bugging out of your head at the thought of donating $250 to an athlete just so he can have a good meal and a night of sleep in a crowded hotel room with crew and our coach, it's okay. The idea of sleeping in a bed with a pillow every night of the year is nice, but I can camp in the boatpark a lot of nights while we are travelling and that helps to reduce costs a ton. If you still want to support the team but $250 is too rich, how about $175? It is alot less and still helps us more than you can imagine. A set of sails for the NACRA 17 costs us about $10,000 (including multiple spinnakers because those wear out much more quickly) and that lasts us about 90 days of training. When we average the cost of sails over their life, it comes out to be about $175 a day. Can you pay for wear and tear on our sails for a day so we can afford to be on the water training to be at our best?

If you are thinking that you can go out and get a great dinner with a nice bottle of wine for $200 bucks, I don't blame you. I would much rather sit down to a nice seafood dinner with a pretty lady then look at layers of mylar as I fly across the water at 1.5 times the speed of the wind. You should go have that dinner and enjoy your night on the town...I don't have that luxury because of being focused on my campaign and the fact that I am in it to win it so I will ask if you might be able to take a part of that dinner, maybe just a healthy tip and throw it towards my success? Eighty seven dollars and fifty cents is what we spend on fuel and food for a day of training on the water.  Gas for the coachboat, for our car (or taxi) and food we eat while sailing all day long is critical to our success and without it we simply can't win. Can you help a brother out and give me the nutrients I need to make it through a day of training?

Did you know that you can book David to come talk to your highschool, college or club team about his Olympic Campaign, his Offshore sailing and the many opportunities for competitive sailing at our age? #sailing #nacra17 #olympiccampaign #workshop #competitivesailing #senior #international #offshore #oakcliffsailing #followmetorio #rio2016

"that's almost a hundred bucks!" was that the first thought that came to your mind? Mine too. Too much to ask? I get it. I know you care and want to help, I mean why else would you be reading this deep into something a 18 year old athlete writes on the internet...am I right?

For only $43.75 we can afford to maintain our boat...the washing, waxing and brushing sand out of our Harken blocks is just the beginning. We have to constantly make adjustments to our rudders, and daggerboards (did you know they were curved) not to mention repairs to gelcoat and the inevadible fiberglass repairs when boats meet on the racecourse. We put our money aside to cover regular maintenance and emergency repairs so we can stay as fast as possible and win as many races as we get ready for the US Olympic Trials next year and then the Games in Rio! Can you help me with $43.75 to keep my boat clean and fast?

I know, I know. The stock market continues it's downward spiral, retail sales are off and corporate earnings are down. How in the world can I expect you to give almost 50 bucks to help me win a Gold Medal at the Games?  How about this, $21.88 will buy me a big can of McLube which I use to keep surfaces of my sails and boat smooth and fast and reduce wear and tear on the parts that cost a lot more to replace when they breakdown. Will you help my buy a can of McLube?

If you sometimes walk down the isle of West Marine and oogle at the can of McLube and wish you could buy another can for yourself and simply don't have the money to buy one for me, don't feel bad. I would never ask you to part with your last can of McLube to help me go faster and win. Keep that bottle of magic for yourself and put a bullet on the scoresheet at your club races for me! There isn't much you can do in the sport of sailing for $11, but I am counting on the generosity of a ton of people who will support my efforts and appreciates a hard working individual who believes in himself and likes to laugh while the read a long but somewhat entertaining request for financial help online. Will you join this group of what will surely be thousands of supporters who are giving $11 right now as they read this paragraph and laugh out loud at the attempt of a kid to raise funds for an Olympic Championship $11 at a time?

If $11 is still too much, how about $6? I have learned that I shoudl never ever give up and I always have to press on until I find a way to make it happen. $6 is a fancy cup of coffee at Starbucks. Can you survive without your grande frappe something for a day and support my campaign?

If you made it down to this point on the page, you have a ton of patients and enjoy a good laugh but you probably didn't find a reason to support my efforts to bring Olympic Sailing Gold home to the USA in 2016. It's okay, I am strong willed and don't give up easily...as you probably can tell. Will you please share this page on your Facebook, on your Twitter and on your Google+ pages so your followers and fans can find out, read it and possibly throw a few bucks into the hopper to support my athletic pursuits? I would really appreciate it and I can use all the help I can get to be in front of more people. You never know when a marketing executive of a major company will find your link, read this page and say to themselves "hey, I need exposure from a young and energetic athlete who has a great attitude and the ability to laugh at himself" and then give me a million dollar endorsement deal! Please click on those share buttons right now and tell everyone to come read this and consider giving me $6...or $1,444 to pay for my training today?

Thanks for reading and supporting my campaign. I hope you at east got a smile out this and you remember me when you are watching the Games in 2016 and say "I helped David make it possible" when I am on the podium!

Have a great day!

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