If Romeo and Juliet knew how to blog things - Act 5

"Act 5, Romeo, Dennis Kim, English 9 Honors"

I had an awesome dream yesterday night! I was dead, and then I saw Juliet! Juliet kissed me, and I was granted a new life again, reviving from my death! Oh what a wonderful dream!

There comes Balthasar! After I came to Mantua, he is my only eyes and ears! I asked her about Juliet... What? Juliet is dead? Oh spite, Oh hell! What a miserable curse! Then I defy you stars: I will go and lay myself with her!

I got a poison from the Apothecary. He seems poor and old, so I payed him well, as a farewell gift. Vial, I will go to Juliet, and kill myself next to her dear heart!

As I approach the tomb, I hear somebody! Who is it? Argh! What a madman! I was able to defend myself and kill him... It is Paris! Oh poor Paris, we are both two lovers sacrificed by fate... I will make your last wish come

After coming into the tomb, I see Juliet! Poor Juliet, why have you left me so early, but still look so beautiful! In heaven, I shall spend and eternity with you! Where is my poison! The content of this vial will help me approach Juliet... Thus with a sip of this, I die!

(Well, so Romeo died. Rest in Peace.)

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2 years ago

Friar Lawrence: Romeo, blinded by love and rash young decisions. I but blame myself for your misfortune. To commit a sin in a act of love you are most brave my child, but now we must all look upon god to be merciful of Verona. May you rest in peace.