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Dedicated servers hosting is renting the entire server to the webmasters. People who don’t have money to buy their own servers can rent the dedicated servers by paying monthly fees to the dedicated hosting providers. The main feature of dedicated servers hosting is that webmasters can have the entire dedicated servers to themselves. Outsourcing the dedicated server is cheaper in that webmasters are not required to purchase the equipment. Dedicated server providers can offer the hosting services at cheaper prices because they utilize a huge amount of resources. In order to attack this cheap monthly pricing, a large investment must first be made in several long term contracts.

Usually, people don’t sign up dedicated hosting for hosting small websites as it is costly. Webmasters should only sign up for dedicated hosting if their websites consume a lot of disk spaces and bandwidths. Shared hosting cannot accommodate large websites because it puts limits on the resources such as disk space, bandwidth and CPU that can be used by per webmaster. By moving the website to a dedicated server, the web page will load at a faster speed since there is no limitation placed on the resources.

Two types of dedicated hosting services exist including unmanaged and managed dedicated servers. Unmanaged dedicated servers hosting is completely managed by the webmaster. The downside is that the webmasters have to spend lots of time to monitor the server and maintain it.

Managed dedicated servers hosting is more expensive as the provider will take over the maintenance of the entire server for the webmasters. In managed dedicated hosting, the web hosting provider will offer add-on services that will aid in the maintenance of the server. The provider will constantly tune the performance of the server. They will perform administration on the database. They will install and configure necessary software for the servers. From time to time, the provider will scan the server for all kinds of attacks so that the data on the server will be secure all the time. The web hosting provider will implement DDoS protection. Besides, the operating system, software and application will constantly be updated by the provider.

Before buying a dedicated servers hosting, customers should read the service level agreement to find out the guarantee uptime of the network. The provider usually offers an uptime of between 99% - 100%. The provider usually has backup servers. In the event that one server experiences error, another server will take over and acts as a replacement so that the customers’ websites will not have down times.

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