Arthur Kanev - Coming Together

Arthur Kanev is a retired dentist who now spends all of his free time helping out his local church and spreading the gospel of God. Arthur says that he has never had a more fulfilling career than his time serving the church, as it has taught him so many things and has made him a better person. Arthur says that one of the most amazing things about his church is its ability to bring people together, to unify them collectively and steer them towards a similar goal. Arthur says that some of man's greatest accomplishments were things that required teamwork to produce, which is one of the many hints God leaves to us in life to teach us how to live properly.

Arthur Kanev says that the missionary work of the church has allowed him to get closer to his fellow man than he ever has been before. His only regret is that he hadn't done so earlier, and learned more of the grace of God when he was younger. Arthur says however that God has a reason and a plan for everything, and that he learned what he needed at the precise time he needed to learn it, which is what makes God's teaching so amazing. Arthur has now learned the power of uniting together to achieve one goal, and believes that his church will be successful in their mission to spread the word so long as they work together to do so.

Arthur Kanev says that he has witnessed some of the most amazing accomplishments that have resulted from teamwork. Artur says that it is up to groups like the church to show communities just what they are capable of accomplishing if they work together and all have one encompassing goal to achieve.

Arthur says though that goals may change, the power to make it happen will always remain the same.