get guns out of the state

we dont need gun here

gun are the killer!!!

   If yuo thank that we should have gun you would have to be out of yuor mind! And if you dont thank so just tell the familys that had there kid die from a gun then you will not want a gun. they should be because if you want a gun you will want to kill sum thing that is why you would want one and if you just want one for fun you are out of your mind. If you tell people that you want a gun to go hunting they will never look at you the same agin.

    When you get a gun you want to see how good it shoots but you but when you do you feel like you want to shoot more stuff and when you do you would want to shoot and shoot and that is why I will never have a gun in my life. but if I hold one I will just give it back in a hart beat.  and the people that want to do harm you should have a ID because when you get in trouble they put a stamp on your card and when the people see that they will be afrade of you. We should pass the law on gus and take out the 2 amendement.

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