The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Project
By: Bailee Middleton

The Good Manners Story

One night Jamie and her family went out for dinner for her parents anniversary. Jamie's parents told her that it was a nice restaurant and she needed to dress accordingly. Jamie ended up wearing a nice floral dress with some white sandals. When they arrived at the restaurant both her parents left their phones in the car so she did as well. The waiter sat them and Jamie didn't know what all the spoons and forks were for so she waited for her parents to pick one up and she followed. The waiter came and asked what they would like to eat so Jamie said, "May I have the linguine with shrimp and creamy roasted tomatoes please." The waiter and her parents look pleased with the way she ordered and the good manners she used. When the food arrived it smelled really good and Jamie was really hungry, but instead of making the funny noise and shoveling the pasta into her mouth like she did at home she ate really quiet and like a civilized person.

The Bad Manners Story

Mark was invited to a fancy dinner party at his friend Charlie's. When Mark arrived at Charlie's everyone was already there and getting ready to sit down and eat. Mark was really confused as to why everyone was already here. Charlie approached Mark and said, "Mark your 15 minutes late! What took you so long?" Mark looked at the invitation and realized that he read the time wrong. He just went along with it and sat down at the dinner table by all the food. The rest of the guest were either helping the hostess set up the dinner or were freshening up in the bathroom. Mark decided that everyone was taking too long so he started eating some of the food that was already set at the table.  Finally when everyone sat down and was actually ready to start eating they were all passing the dishes along but when the tuna casserole came to Mark he just sat it down since he didn't want it and reached over the table so he could get the macaroni and cheese that he wanted. When Mark was done eating he belched and started laughing about it. The rest of the quest at the table looked disgusted. When the party came to an end Mark thanked Charlie for the invitation then left.