Established in March 1933, Dachau was the first regular concentration camp created by the Nazi party located in Dachau, Germany. This camp was described as "The first concentration camp for political prisoners"(Heinrich Himmler). Heinrich Himmler was the police president of Munich. This camp was located at the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory. During the first year it was established it held about 4,800 prisoners which at first consisted of German communists, trade unionists, social democrats and other political opponents of the Nazi regime. Over time Gypsies, homosexuals and Jehovah Witnesses were also brought into this camp.  During the first few years very few Jews were at this camp.

Prisoners Barracks

In the above photo there is a group of barracks very closely together where all the prisoners were kept. This camp was used as a training grounds for the SS concentration camp guards and the camps organization and routine became the model for all of the concentration camps created by the Nazi regime.

On the gate to the concentration camp it says "Work gives freedom" and it is significant because in the case it never led to freedom for thousands of people. Thousands of people died in this camp after never given up their dream to be free.

This video is footage of the Nazi concentration camps taken in 1945 showing what the camps looked like, the people within them and the conditions in which they were in. Conditions in the camp were brutal for everyone but every image of people in this video are shown smiling but also we see stacks of dead bodies everywhere which really shows the truth behind the Nazi's lies about life in the camps.

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