Email Etiquette

By Dylan Harris

Hi there I have some tips I would like share with you about email etiquette.

1. When you put caps on you email it is also known as online screaming and it is also considered as being rude.

2. What you should consider when you put attachments in your email. Attachments can be copied and pasted the email text and don't send really large attachments.

3. The consequences that you will get when you send inappropriate pictures or texts are that 1. You can get expelled from school 2. You can get in trouble with the law 3. You can be banned from the internet.

4. Standing up for yourself, saying stop and tell an adult if your a bystander are 3 ways to react to bulling.

5. 3 things not to do in a email 1. Be clear of what you want to say 2. Don’t send a message when your angry 3. It’s hard to undo things that are said in anger.

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