By: Keshawn Camacho

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889. His family shortly after he was born moved to Germany. He wasn't always very smart in school and his father and him did not get along at all. He was very much so dedicated to soul and heart of Germany, and rejected his Austrian heritage.

Adolf Hitler was in the German army during WW1, he was injured n battle and was given the Black Wound Badge and the Iron Cross First Class Badge. He was very shocked when Germany surrendered in the war. He thought that the government betrayed the whole nation and that there needed to be a change.


Hitler believed that all Germans where a superior race and they needed more land to call there own and show off. He especially did not like the Jews because he blamed them for WW1. Hitler was very into Mussolini, and disliked the allies who fought in WW1. Because he blamed the government for surrendering the war he called for a new govt. During his uprising he was sent to prison where he wrote his book called 'My Struggle' which was about his plan for Germany and his hatred for the Jews. Hitler wanted to expand Germanys territory into Poland. In 1932 he was appointed to Chancellor. He was finally in a good position to begin his plan. After a suspicious fire he passed the Reichtag Fire Decree which suspended basic rights and allowed detention without trial. He then passed the Enabling act which gave him and his cabinet complete power for four years. He then made Germany get out of the League of Nations and got ready to start another War.

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