Entomology is the study of insects. An Entomologist is an Scientist who studies all insects. I have chosen to study butterflies. An Entomologist who is studying butterflies would study in places like gardens, forests, wetlands, grasslands and alpine areas. They would investigate living things such as other insect, plants and animals, and non-living such as water, soil and rocks.

                      my research

I am researching butterflies and where to find them. I will learn in the field: field observations, description of a life cycle, population and habitat requirements. I will need to bring back specimens to the laboratory. Scientists have researched this topic before


some equipment Entomologist might need to take to the field are: magnifing glass to see small thing up close, camera to take photographs, note book and pen to record information, butterfly net to catch butterflies, laptop to find new information, jar to bring the butterfly back to the laboratory and binoculars to see far in the distance.

Note book and pen
Butterfly net

My research may contribute to furthering knowledge of butterflies and how they live in nature. There is always more to learn about nature.

Butterfly in jar


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