The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Caroline

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

Definition- We shouldn't cause fights and be mean to each other. Instead of doing harmful things that hurt people, do nice and caring things that help people. We should love others and give them the respect they deserve.

This organization helps promote peace in our world. They want the people in the world to get along so everyone is happy.

Call to Family, Community, and Participation

Definition- All people should get a chance in society. The things in society should be fair to everyone and not just to some people.

This organization helps you to understand that everyone should have a chance in society. Everyone should be treated with the same amount of respect.

Rights and Responsibility

Definition-  All people have the right to having food, water, clothes, and other necessary resources. We need to take responsibly by caring and helping those who are less fortunate.

This organization helps people that are less fortunate get the things they need for them to have a safe and healthy life. Many people don't have all the important resources of life, but this website could help you make a difference.

Option For the Poor and Vulnerable

Definition- We need to think about the poor and know that they need more help than the more fortunate. We should work to help them so that they don't suffer and hey get to live a healthy life that they deserve.

This organization lets you donate to people and places that need money. By donating, you help many people and their community.

Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

Definition- People have to work to get money and help them support their families and themselves. All workers should get a good, fair pay. They should be treated with respect and not treated different.

This website helps you get a job that you want. You can choose to apply for it and see if it is right for you. You will get to find a job that you think pays you a good amount and is fun, not boring.


Definition- We are all one family not matter what we look like or where we come from. We need to treat everyone with respect. Everyone has the right to be treated the right way.

This website has a list of things you should and shouldn't do when you are with people. This helps people learn how to respect people and themselves.

Care for God's Creation

Definition- We all need to respect the things around us. We need to take care of plants, animals, and all of God's creation. We need to care for God and the things He made like He cares for us.

This website helps save pets that need a shelter. You can save lives and be good to creation. It helps the animals, and makes you a better person.