1/What   is   it ?

Zeega is an interactive storytelling platform available online, on tablets and on smartphones.

It was created in 2006 in sanFrancisco by journalist Kara Oehler, creative technologist James Burns and media artist Jesse Shapins. There are more than 3000 users and it is increasingly popular among teenagers and young adults.

2/What   can  you  do  with  zeega ?

Thanks to zeega you can create interactive videos, share them with your friends and have fun. It enables the users to add, mix and remix photos, music and animated gifs from the net or from the cloud. It allows you  to create and share funny or serious creations. You can design zeegas like blogs to write about yourself, you can write about a topic, create tutorials, write poems or stories... or whatever you want. It makes it possible to create a documentary at the click of a mouse:

On the platform you can select the pictures you want from flickr, choose your favourite animated gifs from gyphy and tumblr or upload your own photos and animated gifs. Zeega makes it easy to find all the content you need. It's easy as pie!

There is a fine selection of common license music from soundcloud. You enter a key word ( hip hop, rock ....) and you can listen to a series of soundtracks and choose the one that best correspond to your zeega.You have the opportunity upload your own music or record comments and explanations. There are so many things to do on zeega !

  • You create a series of pages on which you can write 140 characters texts ( just like twitter). You can choose the font , the colour and the size of your text. Just click " add a new page" and it's done! It's a piece of cake!

3/HOW   DOES    IT   WORK?

First you have to create an account to log in. Then you are ready to show how creative you are!

Watch the zeega tutorial I created just for you!

When your zeega is finished you can share it on Facebook , twitter and all the major social networks. it's so easy! It also allows you to send the link by mail or to embed your zeega in your web site. ( and it's so easy on Tackk because all you have to do is enter the URL ) ..It couldn't be easier.

Your viewers can "like" "share" and "comment" your zeega. If you are really very popular you can  even appear on the zeega wall . You can see the number of viewers on the website.

4 /  Tips   and   advice

To create a picture like the one above  go to

http://www.easel.ly/ ou http://piktochart.com/

(in your poster you must write as many tips and advice as possible... if there isn't enough room on the poster write them in a message)

Remember the structures: you should / you should'nt / avoir + ing / remember to / Never / It's a good idea to ......

5/ how   much   do   you   remember?
a quiz

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3 years ago

So this is an example of website you could create.

3 years ago

the poster was made with easel.ly and the quiz with proprof.com

3 years ago

Contact me if you have any problems

3 years ago

@lgilmant Add lots of pictures, examples ...... as many things as possible ;-)