Cheat Sheet

Ms. Hoban and Mrs. Thorson

Adult/Child/Infant CPR

1. Check the scene - Make sure the scene is safe.

2. Check the patient - Tap and shout look at paients chest and face and see if they're breathing normally

3. Activate EMS (call 911)- Tell someone to call 911

4. 30 Compressions

Hand placement for compressions

*adult 2 hands,heel of hands in between nipples center of chest and 2 inch deep

*child 1 hand,heel of hand in between nipples center of chest 1/3 inch deep

*infant 2 fingers,fingers in between nipples center of chest 1/3 inch deep


*Open airway by tilting the head up unless its on an infant


*Give 2 breaths each lasting 1 second each

***Tip:if you don't have a faceshield make sure you make a seal over the mouth

7. Continue cycles of CPR

Repeat your 30 compressions and 2 breaths until EMS (911) comes or the person comes conscious


~The first thing you should do when someone is choking is ask them "Are you okay?"

if the person is unable to breathe then have them knod to your answer

*TREATMENT~Adult and Child

Stand behide and place one of your feet in between both of theirs

place the flat side of your fist just above the bellybotton

Thrusts inward and upward until object comes out or they become unconsious

*INFANT~for the infant you are going to do 5 Backslaps with the palm of your hand

Remember that you need to support the head and rest him/her on your forearm

continue until object comes out or they become unconsious

Adult/Child/Infant unconsious choking

Check the scene

Call (911)

Give 30 chest compressions

Open airway and look in mouth see if you can see the object and finger sweep it out

2 rescue breaths


*check the scene

*Call 911

*Apply gloves,elevation if not fractured

*Pressure bandage-apply more if needed but add more but don't take it off just add more don't take off

*Recheck-capillary refill and skin color



Turn on machine


bare the chest and dry it off if wet


Place pads on patients body as the instructions tell you so


make sure pads are pressed down firmly


Stand clear do NOT touch patient while AED analyzes


If AED says shock advanced charging shout CLEAR!

Make sure no one is touching the patient and press the shock button as the AED tells you to


As soon as it is delivered go into your 30 chest compressions and your 2 rescue breaths

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