Brown vs The Board Of Education

Although the Declaration of independence stated that "All men are created equal",due to slavery the laws were not in-forced in the united states till after the civil war and into the late 1800's.

The brown vs Board of Education took place between 1954-1955.They were cases who challenged laws of segregation in public school.

These documents that challenged segregation came from the states  such as Kansas,Delaware,District of Columbia and Virginia.

One of these class actions, Brown v. Board of Education was filed against the Topeka, Kansas school board by representative-plaintiff Oliver Brown, parent of one of the children denied access to Topeka's white schools.

When the cases hit the Supreme Courts they  put all the cases under one name, Brown vs The Board of Education.These cases were accumulated by years of work by the NAACP(National Association For The Advancement of Colored People).

The main argument of the case was the schools systems were supposed to have separate but equal schools because of the fourteenth amendment.

Thurgood Marshal was the chief counsel for the plaintiff Oliver brown would be accounted the first black justice of the court.

Chief Justice Earl Warren helped the court with a unanimous decision to allow segregation in schools.

The court thought that having segregated schools kept African American children from fully learning.

After the decisions in the trial  to segregate schools,widespread racial  integration of the south was achieved by the late 60's.

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