Tools of Trade
Kristen Strange


Edmodo is a free learning management system that allows students who sign up to join groups and get information from teacher. It gives the students a way to collaborate with fellow classmates and teachers about school type things.

Remind is a tool that you can use to help remind you of due dates for your classes. Teachers can send you messages regarding due dates for class assignments, and can tell you about upcoming things.

Remind is a fun and easy tool that you can use that lets you create infographacis. These can be used to represent data and can make it easier to understand. This can be done through the diagrams that you can customize just the way you want.


Tackk is a tool that we use as an easy way to create a webpage.  It is a template based way to create a webpage. What is good about this is that it saves you time because there is no need for coding knowledge.

IB Design Cycle

The design cycle is an IB tool that we use that as a process to solve some of lifes problems. It is a systematiic manner through a process. It makes solving problems easier and allows you to have multiple possibilities as solutions.

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