Goods brought into the country.

Transportation Corridors

Paths that make transportation easier.

Transportation Barriers

Geographic features that prevent or slow down transportation.

Constitutional Mararchy

Canada has a constitution to explain the powers of the government and owes allegiance to a monarch, a king or queen.


Canada's legislature has two bodies, the House of Commons and the Senate. Together they determine Canadian laws and policies.


Canada speaks two languages, English and French.

First Nations

Descendants of those first settlers from Asia.


Canada has adopted an official policy of multiculturalism - an acceptance of many cultures instead of just one.

Where do most Canadians live?

Most of the Canadians live in Vancouver, the Gateway to the Pacific. And Toronto, City of Immigrants. Vancouver is Canada's largest port, it trades heavily with the Asian countries. Toronto is home to one-twelfth of Canada's population but contains one-forth of the immigrants.  


Canada has natural corridors, or paths that make transportation easier. This includes rivers and coastal waters, sometimes combined with human-made canal and locks, provide convenient travel routes. Canada also has transportation barriers or geographic features that prevent or slow down transportation. industry develops slowly in regions where transportation is difficult.  

Arts and Entertainment

Canadians read many of the same magazines and newspapers, and watch many of the same television shows and movies as do people in the United States.Canad has rich traditions in the arts, actively supported by government funding. For example, the Canada Council for the arts gives money to more than 8,400 artists and art organizations each year.

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