Jean-Claude Duvalier
by Nathaniel John

1) Profile of your leader

Jean-Claude was born in July of 1951. As Jean grew up his father Francois Duvalier was considered "President-for-life". Jean become president at age 19 after his father died. Within the first year of his regime Haiti experienced a marked decrease in political tension. Jean was a very bad man. "Duvalier was accused of embezzlement, corruption and crimes against Haiti, including, torture, kidnappings, and extrajudicial executions, during his 15 years as president". This shows he was not a good leader/president. The haiti people didn't really understand what was happening but they soon found out how badly he treated them.

2) Audio/Visual/Artistic Element

  • In this interview the interviewer talks to Duvalier about his escape of Haiti. He left Haiti because he was hated and committed a bunch of crimes like his father. The only option he had was to escape his country. The reporter asked some other man that if he was in a room with Duvalier he would try to have him arrested because of all the crimes he committed along with feeing the country.

3) Creative Piece

As I am the leader of Haiti I believe everything I have done for this country was for the best. Haiti needs someone like me to put them in there place. Haiti wouldn't be able to go on without me. Although I am the youngest president ever to rule Haiti, I still am the best fit for this country because my father papa doc has taught me how to run the country.

4) Essential Question

What has Papa doc brought down to his son that he has used on Haiti during his rule?