Atmosphere.  By Sterling Rauch-Word

8 Facts that I have learned about the atmosphere


I learned that there are 4 layers with in the atmosphere i always though that there where only the atmosphere and the stratosphere and I though that they where 2 completely different things.


I learned that the air is made up of  78% Nitrogen and then 21% oxygen and then the rest is made up of other gasses like argon and carbon dioxide exc.


The Troposhere is where all of earths weather happens and I learned that all of clouds stay in the troposhere.


I learned that the Mesosphere protects us form meteors form space because it breaks then down with all the friction.


I learned that the stratosphere protects us from the sun because it absorbs all the rays so we do not bake or fry


I learned that the green house affect is when sun light comes in and then it hits the ground and bounces back to get out except that it is trapped in the atmosphere so it heats up the earth.


I learned that the thermosphere is the hottest layer because it is the farthest out and it is the closest to the sun.


And last I learned that the atmosphere is divided in layers by there temperatures like how hot and or cold they are.

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