Counselling Sessions In Reston, Va – All Your Questions Answered

Dealing with psychological and mental health issues can be one of the biggest battles that a human being has to deal with in their lifetime. When your own mind begins to work against you, the idea of getting things back under control can begin to feel elusive. That is the time when you will need someone whom you can trust to help you manage your issues.. Someone who knows what they are doing, are trustworthy and can make you feel comfortable and secured. That person can be your local counselor.

But most people that actually approach a counselor do so with the exact opposite mindset of what is indicated above. They are scared, apprehensive about opening up to a stranger they are meeting for the first time.. And most of all, they have many doubts about that will happen next. That is why, in this article, I will try and attempt to resolve the most common questions that might come up in your mind about a counselling session.

What is a Counselling contract?

This is a legal document between you and your counsellor that spells out the rights and liabilities of both parties. It will detail out issues like times, dates, confidentiality, payments and so forth. Go through the document carefully and sign with full confidence. This formality is for your as well as your counsellor’s protection.

Is a session confidential?

Part of your therapist’s job is to maintain patient-doctor confidentiality. Whatever you share with this professional will remain between the two of you, ethically as well as legally. Its a place to just be yourself and say how you feel without worrying about being judged. The specific details of confidentiality will be in your counselling contract.

How many sessions will you need?

This is a question that will depend on many factors – the severity of the issue that you are dealing with and the approach that your therapist will take to help you through it. My suggestion would be to trust the judgement of your counselor completely on this one. Let him/her have a free hand at treating you and trust that their decisions have your best interests at heart. You will be surprised to know just how much progress you will be able to make with their efforts and techniques.

How long will a typical session last?

Again, this is a question that will depend on the approach taken by your counselor to help you out of your issue. A typical session can last from 30 minutes to a few hours at best. As a general rule sessions are what is called "a therapy hour" - that is 50 minutes.

How much will counselling cost you?

The fees to see a counsellor in private practice will vary. As a rough guideline the fee would be between $25 and $250 per session. But trust me when I say this – the investment on your health will be worth it.

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