Belief Systemz

Global Project 3


Animism is the oldest of the 9 belief systems in the world beginning way before 200 B.C. Animism wasn't founded by anybody because of all the requirements for using Animism was located in Africa by a group of people who wanted to try a different religion and get away from the Romans and their corrupt, demanding ways. There is no holy text associated with Animism because the Animists were not really that religious. There are actually no Related Elements that are associated with Animism because the Animists were a little too primitive when they established their religion and therefore there are no related elements with Animism. The Animists' impact on our culture was they gave all us Americans a different vision of the respect of nature


Buddhism is actually a really awkward belief system because its people worship a guy who has 2 arms but is rumored to have up to at least 8. There is actually no holy text associated with Buddhism because these people are the same way as the Animists they weren't that religious because they wanted to be a simple group of people for a while before they started to worship Buddha.

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