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About Me

Hello, my name is Harold Felmet, and I've been a nurse for 21 years.  I'm married to my high school best friend, Cathy and have been married for 26 years.   We have two girls,  Anna is 24 and Eva is 20.  We also have two dogs, Izzy and Peanut.  I have been an ADN nurse for eleven years and prior to that, an LPN for ten years.  I currently am pursuing my BSN and should finish in August of 2015.  Nursing, reading, learning new things and renovating houses are all things that I am passionate about.  Geriatric nursing care is the area that I am really hoping to pursue. I worked for ten years as an LPN in a nursing home that I still miss.  Providing holistic care and assessing not only the physical but the mental state of the geriatric patient is my passion.  Achieving my ADN from USC eleven years ago provided me the opportunity to go into a hospital setting.  My wife has our family benefits which has allowed me to practice in many areas of nursing at the hospital.  Cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology and urology are some of the areas I have been able to provide care as a nurse.  Achieving my BSN will hopefully allow me the opportunity to assist or oversee the care and well being of a geriatric population.  My strength as a people person and ability to be a trust builder opens up many doors in this field.  Hopefully this information will help you get an insight into me and who I am. 

My Nursing Philosophy

My personal philosophy, my core of nursing beliefs, is simple. To Care, first and forefront for my patients well-being, to nurture, show empathy, to never stereotype or profile an individual by race, color, demographics, socioeconomics, or behavior of that individual. My focus is holistic care provided with evidence based practice being used to ensure the best most current care for my patients. My vision as a nurse is to be a trust builder, gaining patient’s trust and comfort level, being an advocate to provide excellent care. This philosophy is about outlook and attitude with the interaction between me and my patient and family. This is crucial to maintain that integrity and set an example, with actions, for my team and colleagues to see every day. So caring, nurturing, empathy, stereotype, profile, race, color, demographics, socioeconomics, vision, trust, comfort, advocate, outlook, attitude, interaction, integrity, holistic are all words that speak deeply to my personal philosophy of nursing.


Harold D. Felmet Jr.

108 Henson Street Spartanburg, SC 29307 864-497-8362 kipfel@charter.net

Obtaining this Position

I’m applying for this position to bring my skills and wide range of knowledge to assist this company with duties and needs, using an evidence based background for the most current practice, to better assist this company needs.


  • USC-Spartanburg. Spartanburg, SC , ADN in 2004
  • Bachelor of Science August, 2015
  • Nursing, LPN, and related for RN at Greenville Technical College


May 31, 2004 to present

RN-Spartanburg Medical Center-101 E.Wood St.

I worked on a cardiac floor for two years, GI floor for one year, and I’ve floated all over the hospital for one year with a prn position before I started on a urology, medical surgery floor for the last seven years.  I'm responsible for planning, supervising and evaluating the nursing care of each patient.  I also do charge nurse duties and look at acuity of the patients of the floor, their needs and disease, condition of health to determine ratio's of nurse to patient. 

March, 1995 to 2003

LPN Spartanburg, SC White Oak Estates-White Oak Manor

These two facilities are sister facilities and I worked there as an LPN supervisor responsible for 44 to 52 residents requiring a whole variety of needs from medicine to feedings, to wound care.

Awards and Acknowledgments

  • Pride Nurse at SMC
  • Successfully completed Preceptor Workshop
  • ACLS certified, PALS

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