Oakley Sunglasses
Caleb H.

  You can buy a pair of Oakley Gas cans for only $120. Oakley’s quality may be near the top, but they are expensive and not worth the expense.

First, the quality of Oakley sunglasses is good because they are polarized. The polarization keeps the harmful sun rays out of your eyes better. A lot of athletes own Oakley sunglasses like Stephen Vogt, my brother, and entire teams are sponsored by them.

  Next, Oakley sunglasses are really pricy because Oakley just wants to make money. They sponsor and much more for money. The prices are crazy. They range from $100- a couple thousand dollars.

  Finally, Oakley’s are not worth the expense because they could break or get lost. They can easily get lost. They can get stolen or dropped somewhere. They could also break. They could get stepped. They could get dropped. They could even get hit with a ball while you are playing.

  That is why Oakley’s may be good quality, but they are very expensive and not worth the price.