A: actively participate in life

B: be coachable

C: convince people to do good things

D: do great

E: exercise

F: follow your dreams

G: goals in life

H: have fun

I: imagine greatness in  hole different ways

J: jump for joy

K: kiss your mom and dad

L: listen to your teachers and parents and grandparents

M: move further in life

N: new things in life is a good thing

O: open your eyes and believe

P: pull your self closer and try

Q: question someone and see where it will get you

R: respect the older people

S: start with a goal and end with a better one

T: trust people

U: use the things you are taught

V: vacation at your dream place

W: words in life will get you further in life

X: x-rays are a good thing

Y: yes you are beautiful in many ways

Z: zebras are pretty but you are more beautiful