Graphing Project

By: Nkechi Moweta Mrs. Gilbert 3rd Block


Amy is required to bake thirty cupcakes in an hour for a charity bake sale to raise money for an animal shelter that is about to undergo foreclosure. Each cupcakes is baked individually at a rate of two minutes baking time per cupcake.

Independent Variable

The independent variable in a scenario is the variable that changes independently. In this scenario, the independent variable is time.

Dependent Variable

The dependent variable in a scenario is the variable that changes in response to the independent variable. In this scenario, the dependent variable is the number of cupcakes.


The constant in a scenario is the thing that stays the same throughout.The constant in my scenario is the rate which is two minutes of baking time per cupcake.


In the graph, the x-axis (the one on the bottom) represents the time in minutes and the y-axis (the one on the side) represents the number of cupcakes. The line represents the steady rate of time.

My Equation

My equation is t/2=n


n= number of cupcakes

This equation is true because it take  2 minutes for each cupcakes to bake so the opposite of multiplication is division

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