Medical Field Career as a Pediatrician

Job Description

Gives medical care to infants, children, teenagers and young adults.

Education Level Required

To be a Pediatrician you much be skilled in medicine and dentistry  english language, therapy counseling, psychology, and biology. These are just a few though, many other thing are required, but those were the most important.

Future Outlook on Career

Employment is very large, and always has a high amount of openings for incomers. The occupation of a Pediatrician is always in large demand. This is because babies are always being born and in need of medical attention.

Salary Range

This occupation makes roughly about $167,640 yearly. This number although depends on where you work and how many hours you do.

Other Requirements

To become a Pediatrician you must have graduated an approved school of medicine or osteopathy. Then must complete a one year residency or internship at a hospital. Then much pass all three parts of the USA medical licensing test.  

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