What About Me!
by: Noah R.
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My name is Noah Reneau. I am 13 years old and live in Liberty Lake, WA. I have a twin brother named Joshua who I have a huge sibling rivalry with him, as most twin brothers do. Even before we were born, him and I would constantly kick each other. I even flipped him over so he came out feetfirst instead of headfirst, like I did.

When I want to be by myself, I go into my garage where my lacrosse rebounder is. I just pass back and forth against it until I'm bored and want to be with other people again. It sounds very strange but it's actually a very effective method.

When I'm angry, I get really aggresive. In sports, that's normally a good thing but not during everyday life. I get in trouble alot for throwing things when Im mad. So, as you can probably tell, I have an anger management issue.

Hopefully, ten years from now, I will be a succesful Air Force Academy Graduate who is flying F-22's in the United States Air Force. I want to fly in the Air Force because my dad did, and so did his dad. It's pretty much a family tradition. I want to go to the Air Force Academy because the oppurtunities it provides are endless. The biggest one is that you get to go to college for free. You also get paid while your in college. They pay you!!!!!!!! and you get lots of good experience, even if you dont want to be in the military.  

My deepest fear is that I'll be forced into a room full of snakes. That's weird because snakes are one of my favorite animals but I'm also terrified of them. Just imagine a ton of snakes slithering all over your feet. Ewwwwwwwww! I would probably freak out and get bitten a hundred times.

This is me. I tend to think I'm pretty cool but, you know, if the shoe fits.

Me and this weirdo celebrating New Years. @im_not_ginger

I used to live in Germany. I lived there for three years. It was a really cool and diverse place with lots of really good food.

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