The start of the war. The five main European powers fought over land. This divided them into two different sides, and started the war.
Great Britain designed the dreadnought battleships, which caused the opposing Germany to build a similar boat. #total
Chemical warfare was just invented, which required the use of gas masks. #total war
Soldier life was brutal living in the trenches. Hygiene was very bad, and infections and diseases spread very easily. #nationalism
Life on the front lines was difficult, and had very minimal chances of survival. #militarism
Civilians were forced out of their homes because of the incoming danger. This time period was hard for many civilians all around the world.
Propoganda was used by national governments to influence citizens to support their country in the war. #propaganda
The war took many soldiers/and civilians lives, and went down as one of the bloodiest wars in the history of the world. #nationalism

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