"I think that music is the only escape you know, you put on a record and it's not going to yell at you for dressing the way you do, it's going to make you feel better about it."                          - Marilyn Manson

I chose this quote because not only is it from one of my favourite singer it also brings to light how important music is to some people, you could be having a terrible day and your favourite song comes on the radio, feel better? I know I would. Music can even save lives, if you're going through a tough time and you find a song that completely pours out your feelings into a beautiful melody, it might just make you feel the slightest bit better. Music always makes me feel better about things and I don't know what I'd do without it.

How you see yourself is very important in life, it can make or break you.                                  I think I am very good at the arts, if I'm randomly strumming my guitar or messing around with my keyboard and I hear a familiar note from a song, I try to work out the rest of the notes and eventually play the rest of the song. When I draw, I love to draw what I think characters from books would look like or I draw characters I've made up. I like to do these things for myself because I can look at them by myself whenever I want and having the satisfaction of creating something that I'm proud of is worth more than any compliment in the world.

If I could portray a different persona, I would definitely want it to be more friendly and confident. I would use this persona at school especially when doing an oral presentation in front of the class. This persona could also help me voluntarily join clubs around the school and to make friends and meet new people. These are some things I would like to do more of on my own because I don't think I'd be able to function properly with an alter ego. In conclusion, I think I should strive to be more like the 'better me' I've created.

If you took a look at my Twitter, I'm pretty sure you'd think 'Wow, this girl complains quite a bit.' I've never really been the type of person to always be trying to brighten people's days but I think I should try to tweet more positive things, saying something about a nice thing I did that day, so at least when I look back at my tweets, I can smile and think 'Oh yeah, that day was so much fun!' My Instagram account however, makes me happy to look at because seeing the photos I've taken and remembering how great that day was causes me to feel better about thing because I know there will be more good days like those in the future.

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