The freedom but with little laws


There will be multiple leaders In different units. This units will be divided into 15 units. each unit will be divide by groups to make the society smaller. the units have a chose of moving to different units, but they must talk to the leader of the unit in order to move. All the units are ruled by the head leader. he is chose by an elder that has seen the good in the leader. there will be 12 elders  to decide the leader. There will also be a custom unit of were you want to travel, from a beach to the mountain just tell us were you want to go and we will find a ride for you to get to.

Family life

the families will have as many children as the want and will need to provide for the kids and tech them the government laws. The family has the chose in choosing where they want to live and the unit. then you must travel at least once, because the government want you to enjoy your life so you have to enjoy it some way. you may have pets if you want to.


You must be a good person and a kind person.
no killing in the units, if you don't like a person you may talk to the leader and we will handle it from there. All have the freedom in what they want to wear. All kids must go to school and graduate college in order to get a job. Don't do anything bad. houses are divided by what type of house and the richness of it. you have the rights of traveling were ever you like.

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