tennesee aquarium

My first inpression of the aquarium it smelled like fish.I heared the birds laughing.I saw lots of people and tanks of fish.We saw the shark touch tank. I saw the butterflys also.

The population responds by staying together . The penguiens interact with each other.

The penguine responds to environment by makeing a thick fur coat . Also it keeps them warm from the cold tempertures. It belongs to the kingdome animal.

In an ecosystem penguines stay together with commensalism .A community stays together and helps one another .An ecosystem is a habatat like structure that provides a shelter for animals .The penguines stay together to stay warm.

Food chain= sun-plant-animal that eats plant-animal eats animal . Plants provide nutrience for animals . The plant gets eaten by the animal like a dinosouar . Then the dinosuar gets eaten by an animal like a bear .

Plants are autotph means that they make their own food from sunlight.Plants are producers.They use photosynthisis to make sugar and glucose .

Rocks are abiotic because they arent alive . Water is abiotic because it dosent breath, reproduce.Ice is frozen water but it still is not alive.

Rocks can be used for shelter , or later turned into sand to make a place for plants to grow . Water can be used to hold life like fish ,its also inportant for our diet. Ice can provide shelter for arctic animals.

Mushrooms are in fungi . Humans are animal.Volvox is in the protista.Flowers are in the plante catigory . Mushrooms are hetotroph .Humans are hetotroph . Volvox is autotroph.Flowers ar autotroph.

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