Lillie and the Doll

By: Jhermia Hedgeman

Chapter 1

On December 8,1882 a girl by the name of Lillie Foster wanted a doll so very badly but her parents thought she was getting too old for dolls, so went and asked her other family members if they could get her one, but they all said the same thing. So one day she went to go find a person who was willing to get her a doll, the one they called Santa, Santa Claus that is. She had heard stories about him and wanted to find out the truth for herself. But he lived all the way in the North Pole, so the only way she could ‘’get’’ to him was to write a letter, that was also what she had heard in the stories. She had second thoughts, ‘’What if he doesn’t write back’’, or ‘’What if he doesn’t get to him’’ or ‘’What will her parents think of her writing the so-called Santa Claus’’, but Lillie kept her faith in him as she kept thinking if she write to him or not.

Chapter 2

She finally made up her mind and decided to write to him. In the letter she put, “Dear Santa Claus, I know you may be busy making toys to give all the good little boys and girls all over the world, but I want to ask you if you could make me a doll for Christmas, and not just and kind of doll, a special doll, just for me. If you can do that then I would really appreciate it and if you cannot, then I would still appreciate it for you trying to get it to me.” She put the letter in the envelope and put the address on the envelope (which was The North Pole, of course) and mailed it off. Now all she had to do was wait and see on Christmas Day.

Chapter 3

Now she was all alone in her room with nothing to do. She had nothing to do because number one, she didn’t have a doll to play with or play dress-up with, and number two, she wanted to wait and see if Santa Claus would hurry up and write her back. She finally thought of something she could do, she decided that she wanted to fly and so she got her expensive silk cover and tied it around her neck and got on her expensive, tall queen size bed and jumped and fell right on her face. Now I know what you must be thinking, “Why did she do that?”, or, “ She should know better than that.” but, she was bored out of her mind. Her parents heard the loud thud and her parents ran straight to her room and saw her on the floor crying. Her parents asked her why she did it and what was she thinking. She told them clearly and loudly and she said, “I don’t have a doll!” Her parents just looked at her in confusion and left her. Now she had learned her lesson never to do that again and decided she did not want to fly anymore.

Chapter 4

It was now Christmas Eve and Lillie worried she was not going to get what she wanted for Christmas because very few people talk about Santa but Lillie knew he was real. It was almost time for dinner, and when she got finished with her dinner,her mother told her to take a bath and go to bed. Lillie now was in bed and she kept thinking and thinking that she would finally get her doll she wanted and drifted off to sleep, dreaming. Just dreaming.

"It’s Christmas everybody, it’s Christmas." Lillie went down to the very big tree downstairs to see her presents. She saw that she had gotten new dresses, new shoes, and new ribbon for her bows. There was one last present for her and the wrapping was in a shape of a doll, but it was a story book about how to carve items out of wood. She cried and screamed because she did not get what she wanted. "That Santa Claus is a liar and just a tale!" she screamed and stomped out.

Chapter 5

Lillie woke up after a bad dream and saw that it was Christmas Day. She was nervous to look under the big tree after the nightmare she had, but she decided to go look anyway. She got exactly what she had in her nightmare, new dresses, new shoes, and new ribbon for her bows, but she was still nervous because she thought she was going to get another book about wood, but to her surprise she got a doll, but not just any doll, a porcelain doll with red hair and green eyes and she was happy. She had an epiphany and learned that the true meaning of Christmas was not getting presents, but spending time with family and loved ones.

                                                                     The End

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