Assessment / Tracking (2 Tools)

Tool 1:
MS OneNote:
Cross-Device, Cloud-Based notebooks

MS OneNote is device neutral software that can store all your media in one organized place. The best part? MS OneNote is part of Peel's Office365 platform! Click below for more details

How to use OneNote for Inquiry?

Using an online notebook extends the traditional notebook model by allowing students to include ink annotations, voice recordings, videos and any other media in an organized way.

Since online notebooks exist in the cloud, student can access, modify or review their notebook from where ever they are, whenever they want.

How does OneNote link to "IQ: A Practical Guide to Inquiry-Based Learning"?

p. 21 - 2.2: How do I model and assess growth of inquiry dispositions?

As inquiry activities occur throughout a course, students can keep track and alter their opinions using an organized, long term notebook (like OneNote)


Co-construct criteria for an effective and efficient inquiry conversation with your students and have them create separate pages to keep track of their thinking during and after inquiries. By the end of the unit or course, each student will have an organized record of their conclusions from each inquiry activities. You can also have students share their notebooks with you for formative feedback!

Tool 2:
Simple, touch-based rubrics ready to go where ever learning is happening

ForAllRubrics is a place to create intuitive, touch-based rubrics that are accessible on any internet-capable device.

How to Use ForAllRubrics for Inquiry

Inquiry investigations can be a fantastic avenue to gather and assess different modes of communication (products, conversations and observations)

Digital rubrics:

- Allow teachers to easily access rubrics without printing them out before hand

- Allow teachers to be dynamic  in their assessments. For example, if a student on Monday shows evidence of Level 2 understanding but then enhances their performance to a Level 3 by Thursday, the teacher can acknowledge this change in achievement quickly and seemlessly with a few short clicks

- Can be shared with students immediately with feedback (paperless marking)

How does ForAllRubrics link to "IQ: A Practical Guide to Inquiry-Based Learning"?

p. 79 - 4.3: How can communication be assessed in a final product?

After co-constructing of criteria surrounding conversations with your students load up the expectations into ForAllRubrics.


Since ForAllRubrics is a web-based tool, it is available whenever you, or your students, need it. Try copying the rubric on page 138. Over the course of a week, try several inquiries, or create multiple opportunities to discuss the same inquiry over a week. As students become better and more comfortable with the process you can adjust their rubric results on the fly, before determining their final level of achievement.