Buffie Simmons

Veteran New York Public Schools Administrator

About Buffie Simmons

An experienced educational administrator, Buffie Simmons serves as Brooklyn community schools superintendent. In this capacity, she oversees 34 public schools that meet the needs of nearly 30,000 K-12 students. In her previous position as a middle school principal, Buffie Simmons emphasized a rigorous academic environment and encouraged students to work toward building lifetime skills and meeting long-term objectives. Her successful efforts in boosting academic scores and improving school discipline earned her a sustained New York City Progress Report ratings of “A” and well-developed quality-review rating.

Ms. Simmons holds a Ph.D. in educational leadership and wrote her dissertation on the topic on improving student outcome and decreasing the achievement gap in an urban middle school setting. She has completed a number of additional academic programs, including the Urban School Leaders certificate course at Harvard University. Buffie Simmons earned a number of financial grants during her tenure as principal, including the Iteach and Ilearn technology grants and the 21st Century After-School grant.

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