Potential and Kinectic energy

Potential energy is the energy of objects that are not in use yet. It exist as stored energy. An example is Gravitation.

Kinectic energy is the energy of movement. An example of it is fire.

Energy can be transferred from potential to kinetic and between objects.

Potential energy is stored energy--energy ready to go. A lawn mower filled with gasoline, a car on top of a hill, and students waiting to go home from school are all examples of potential energy.

Gravitational potential energy is the energy possessed by a body because of its elevation (height) relative to a lower elevation, that is, the energy that could be obtained by letting it fall to a lower elevation. For example, water at the top of a waterfall or stored behind a dam at a hydroelectric plant has gravitational potential energy.

Energy- It is the ability to do work

Mechanical energy Is the energy of machines it comes from moving parts from a machine.

Radiation- Is a unique form of heat transfer: it does not involved particles forms of matter. The heat is transferred in waves through space.

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