Sample Geography Tackk

Use this general template to organize and share your own!
(The Title above should be the name of your place.)

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The examples below are NOT intended to reflect complete "answers" to the questions.  They are provided as samples of elements that might be added to your own Tackk.

Where IS Fairbanks, AK?

This includes both ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE location.

What is it like there?

This includes both PHYSICAL and HUMAN features of the place.

How do people and the environment interact?

This involves both ADAPTATION to the natural environment and ALTERATION of the natural environment.

What patterns of movement impact this place?

This includes movement of PEOPLE, GOODS, and IDEAS.  It may involve migration, trade, and education/innovation.

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In what region is this place found?
Into what regions is this place divided?

Regions can be PHYSICAL, POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, or SOCIAL/CULTURAL.  The place may be part of or divided into FORMAL regions, or it may be part of a FUNCTIONAL region.

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