Temperate Grassland

do what you want to do

Imagine... Running over grassy hills.

And exploring the vast prairies.

Staring over the endless flat land.

Just look at Montana's grasslands!

And think of the grasslands in Africa

Have you ever dreamed of looking out your window and seeing beautiful buffalo. Well if you come to the temperate grasslands, then you can see many animals just outside of your window. One animal you can see are buffalo. Buffalo very rarely have twins. In fact, they have only recorded one set of buffalo twins in HISTORY!!!!!!

You may also see prairie dogs. Did you you know that to recognize each other, prairie dogs touch front teeth together?

The beauty of bison. A lot of times, bison are mistakenly called buffalo.

The huge horns on elk. Elk are also called wapiti, which is a native american word that means a light colored deer.

Finally the long ears of the adorable jack rabbits. Did you know that jack rabbits can run immediately after they are born? Now these are just a few of the many animals that you could see if you visited the temperate grassland. I am positive that you would see many more animals.

The temperatures vary greatly between summer and winter.

The summers are usually hot, and the winters are usually cold.

Rain in the grasslands usually occurs in the late spring, and the early summer.

Fire used to happen in the earlier time, but not so much now. The fire would help the soil get nutrient enriched. Also the fire would help new plants to grow by opening the seeds of the plant and letting it be able to land in the good soil.

If you want to go there in the winter, you need to wear a jacket and some pants. If you go in the summer, wear a short-sleeved shirt, and some shorts!

If you go to the temperate grassland for a vacation then you will see many types of grasses. There are four grasses that you might see.

One grass you might see is buffalo grass.

A second grass you might see is the foxtail grass.

A third grass you might see is the purple grass.

Last but not least, you might see rye-grass.

This is a video about the grasslands and what you could see if you visited the temperate grasslands.

Imagine your temperate grassland vacation,

Do what you want to do......

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