My Cardboard Chair Project
(Entry 1)

I chose the cardboard chair project.

I chose it because I enjoy making things.

I'd like to know how cardboard can withstand my weight in an indefinite amount of time.

No, I wouldn't like to pursue this as a career.

Project Plans
(Entry 2)

My plans are to make a drawing of my chair on either grid paper and scale it so it'll match the dimensions in reality. Then I'll start building my cardboard chair.

Further Introduction Research
(Entry 3)

Today I will measure the dimensions of a real chair so I can be able to create it. The height from the floor to the seat is 17.5 in. The height from the floor to the top of the back is 31 inches.

Furthering my Research
(Entry 4)

Today I will start drawing my cardboard chair so I can build it. I need to find the right measurement.

Planning ans Starting
(Entry 5)

Once I finish my drawing today, I will attempt to build my cardboard chair step by step so it is durable enough to sit in for 5 minutes.

What I'm Finding Out
(Entry 6)

I found out that one, cardboard is hard to cut! I'm also going to find out if I am able to make the cardboard within the lengths I need it in.

Building my Chair
(Entry 7)

Today I will be working on the actual chair part of the project and trying to build the seat and legs of the chair so they'll be durable enough for anyone to sit in for 5 minutes.

New Questions and Information
(Entry 8)

I really didn't understand how I would make my chair without making it a box, so today I'm planning on rebuilding the actual chair part. I'm also going to work on getting the chair sturdy enough. I'm also going to make the inside of the chair stronger than it originally was.

Technical Parts of My Project
(Entry 9)

The process for completely my cardboard chair project won't be easy, but I'm still going to work on it. My original plans weren't working out so I'm rebuilding my cardboard chair today. The center of gravity of the chair I built before was in the middle and it was fine..but it was a box so I couldn't make it like that. Once I cut the bottom of the chair, it would sway when you sat in it, so I'm working on that. I'm thinking of using a truss, since triangles are very strong. Since cardboard can be thin or thick, I need to use lots of trusses in the structure of the chair in order to make it durable and sturdy enough. Today I'm rebuilding the whole chair because my last design wouldn't qualify as a "non- box stacking" project.

Technical Parts of my Project
Part 2
(Entry 10)

While building my cardboard chair, I've been having lots of problems that I'll need to fix. For starters, the chair would sway when you sat in it, so I decided to rebuild the whole thing. Then again, the bottom of the chair wasn't very strong so when  you sat in it, it would crash and bend all over. But anyway, today I started the new design I was talking about previously. It worked out fine, but I have to put more support on the inside so it'll hold well enough to sit in.

Close To Finishing
(Entry 11)

I am very close to finishing the new design I have been talking about. All I need to do is glue the parts down.

Almost Done...
(Entry 12)

Today I'm planning on gluing the flaps on the chair down so it won't fall apart when I sit on it. I glued them down, and now I need to make the back of the chair.

Close to Finishing
(Entry 13)

Well today I couldn't find the chair part so now I'll have to re-build it. After that, I'm planning on testing my model after I glue it together. But before I do that, I need to build some beams under the chair to help support it.

Almost Done..
(Entry  14)

Today I'm going to make some beams and struts under the chair so it won't fall down. It was kind of hard to find the right length for the beams to fit under the chair, so I'm just going to cut them to the right length I need it to be. After that, I'll test it out so see if it works. I made more supporters and I have to make two more. Today I'm going to buy some heavy duty glue or regular Elmer's glue so the glued parts wont come apart when I'm going to test the chair out.

Part 1
(Entry 15)

I'm very close to finishing. Today I built the 3rd beam for my chair. Now all I need is to build the 4th and last supporter and the back of the chair.

Part 2
(Entry 16)

I'm thinking of modifying my chair. When I sit init the front legs start to bend so I'm thinking of putting  some rectangular cardboard pieces on the inside and outside of the bottom of the chair to help it stay upright. Then after that I'm thinking of  making the back a lot sturyer. When I'm done gluing the flaps together, I'm going to glue the supporters inside the chair so they don't fall over when I sit on it.

Almost Done With My Project
(Entry 17)

Today I'm going to either test my chair, or make more supporters. Today I made a somewhat big supporter to be in the middle of the chair. I tested it out and it worked! I just have to make the back of the chair now. I've noticed that every time I sit in the chair at least 2 of the legs start to bend at the bottom, so I'll work on that. Then another thing, it's very sturdy when I sit in it except the 2 legs.

Did It Work?
(Entry 18)

Today I'm going to test out my chair.

My project did work! I sat in it for about 7 and a half minutes and it didn't fall down. The only thing I feel like I could improve is how the bottom leg would bend outwards, but that didn't affect my chair very much.

(Entry 19)

I learned a lot about my project. I learned that cardboard is hard to cut!

My project turned out good. I was a bit worried that it wouldn't hold my weight, but it did. I was also worried that I wouldn't finish in time but I did and I'm really happy about this project. It turned out how I wanted it to and I'm satisfied.

As much as I liked doing the cardboard chair project, I also would have wanted to do either the drone, rube gold-berg, 3-D printing, or the virtual reality. They all seemed cool. With the virtual reality, it just seems really cool. The drone was fun to watch. The rube gold-berg was also something I wanted to do because it was the only project we could work in a group and it looked fun to try new stages and figure out how to put them together.

I wish I had worked harder on the chair. It turned out good but I feel like I could  have done more to it and made it better. When I had to set it up for the testing, it would take forever trying to put the supporters under the chair so it would not fall down. Other than that, it turned out great. I was really surprised that the back wouldn't break when I leaned on it. I was also surprised that I could sit in the chair for 8 minutes with my legs in the air without it falling or bending. It bent a little bit on one of the legs but it didn't really affect how the structure of the chair was.

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