How to Make a Budget

By: Ellie Moore

1.) Make a list of everything you spend for a couple of weeks.

- Food, clothes, and gas money

2.)  For the same time period, record everything you earn and it's source.

- My money comes from my job at the clydesdale farm i work at, from my other job at my farm that i live on, and also from selling my square bales.  I probably make about 350-400 bucks every two weeks.

3.)  Now that you have recorded, analyze it.

- I make good financial choices and i save up my money very well.  I probably, however, shouldn't spend as much money on food as i do.  I spend maybe about 115 bucks on food in two weeks.

4.)  It is a good idea to have a little extra for hard times.

- Yes that is a very good idea because everyone needs to save their money.  You should always take a little away from your paycheck and save it in an account or in a drawer somewhere for when you are really going to need it for an emergency.

5.)  Monitor your spending.

- I think i save my money very well.  I could always save more and not spend as much, but overall i think i do a good job.

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