ABCS Of Culture


Map Of Italy


Italian Pizza

Italian pizza is not like american pizza it is more soft and flat breaded. For breakfast they have coffee for adults and warm milk for kids. Sometimes for breakfast they have cream filled croissants. Although Americans think it spaghetti is not a typical Italian meal. Shrimp pesto is an Italian food but they don't eat it much.


An Italian villa

An Italian villa is owned by rich people these are very modern and nice houses. 50% of the population of people own a house in Italy. A house is called a Casa and an apartment is called an appartamento. Most of the houses or apartments have balconies and my opinion is it makes them look awesome.


A crowd of the Italian population.

The population of Italy is 61,680,122 and its growth is 0.3% a week. In Italy the urban population is 69%. These may be big numbers but its small compared to other countries. Italy is a pretty small country for a population like that.


Leaning tower of Pisa

The most historic city in Italy is Rome. The reason is because Rome is one of the oldest city's in Rome. The leaning tower of Pisa is leaning from bad soil this caused the base to move easier causing it to tilt. In Rome an historic building is the coliseum because this was used to amuse the king. The shows they held their where PvP or PvA. The shows where very deadly to that man but was to amuse the king.


An Italian Beach

Italy's beaches are facing the Mediterranean sea. Italy beaches are very nice and next to the history a beach is a good vacation spot in Italy. Also history is an amazing reason Italy is such a good vacation spot which makes Italy on the top ten country's to go on vacation.


In all of the ABC's of culture I chose they showed huge things that Italy is packed with. Food,history, nice buildings, vacation and people are things Italy is packed with. Italy is a very nice place and beautiful place so that's the reason I chose Italy in the first place. Italy is a small country with a pretty big population. The capital of Italy because its the oldest city.


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