How to Dry Clean Clothes at Home?

Sometimes, going to a dry cleaners might not be a viable option. In such cases, these tips for dry cleaning clothes at home will work.

Having a good partnership with a dry cleaning company is essential to maintain the health and quality of your garments. But on a number of occasions, having your clothes professionally dry cleaned may become an expensive process, particularly when you wear dry-clean clothes very often or tend to get them soiled easily. Still, just because the process of dry cleaning is costly doesn’t mean that you can check those clothes off in a washing machine at ‘gentle’ cycle. Instead, you should follow these simple tips to finish the dry cleaning job at the comfort of your own home.

First and foremost, realize the thing that not all clothes and items can be dry cleaned at home. For instance, it is recommended that you give your wedding gown, expensive tuxedos or bed linens and upholstery, draperies or similar items to the professional dry cleaners. Garments, which are used regularly can be dry-cleaned at home. So, you must make sure that some clothes are safer to be dry-cleaned at home against others. Avoid dry-cleaning leather, suede and fur at home.

The second step is to assess whether the items should be dry-cleaned right now. For instance, just because the garment has been worn once doesn’t mean that you should dry-clean it. Maybe you can let it in fresh breeze and give it some air for a second/third wear. But if they are soiled, then consider dry-cleaning them.

Before you use any kind of solution, try using stain remover for direct action on stain. Treat oil or water based stains with stain removers available in the market. Make sure that you don’t scrub too much of this stuff on fabric or you will ruin it. Also, don’t soak the entire garment in stain remover the shape and fibres of your product will be damaged.

Next, place them in a dry-cleaning bag. Most bags can only fit three or four pieces of clothing. So, keep similar colours together and avoid
overcrowding the bag or the items won’t be cleaned wholly. Add the dry-cleaning solution or dry-cleaning sheet available from the market, which contains emulsifier and perfume for cleaning the garments.

Then, put the dry-cleaning bag inside the dryer and ensure that the dryer is lint-free. Set the dryer on medium heat and use it for about 30 minutes. Retrieve the clothes from dryer once the duration is over. Otherwise, the garments will get more wrinkled.

Add a professional touch to your garments by ironing them. Use steam sparingly and avoid spraying the item with water. Ironing over clothes will give them a free lease of life. Or else, you may even use a clothing steamer.

Once everything is done, go ahead and store your dry-cleaned items separately. The clothes that cannot be dry-cleaned at home should be given to competent dry cleaners for cleaning, preservation and maintenance.

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