Advertisements for girl toys

Gender stereotype: playing with dolls isn't just a boy activity there are also boy dolls.
Gender role - It's a girls/women instinct to be loving and nurturing
Gender role- reinforcing what girls/women do they cook/bake for fun with the toys but later for their families.
Gender stereotype and role women have always worn jewely but guys can too.
Gender role.

Toys for boys

Gender stereotype: Legos are also being made for girls just different colors
Gender role- Guys usually wear the pants and go do the dirty heavy work.
Gender stereotype- girls can hold and use guns its just more often used by males.
Gender stereotype
Gender stereotype - girls can be athletic but sports are often associated as guy rolesthere are professional girl sport teams.

Advertisment for boy and girl toys

Geneder stereotype and role- Females are usually the ones who do their own hair.
Gender stereotype - Guys usually like more dirty activities girls arent usually asscoiated with getting messy.
Gender stereotype- Guys usually dont play with puppy toys it is seen more of a feminine activity.
Gender stereotype - Guys usually play with guns and hunting is a guy activity but it can be done by girls
Gender role/stereotype - it is usually associated as a women role.
BOTH Gender stereotype/role
Gender stereotype and role
Both gender role and stereotype
Both gender role and stereotype
Gender stereotype

The advertisment of these toys for both boys and girls can influence both genders greatly. It leaves more of an open mind and allows for there to be more diverse among doing things that are usually frowned upon to be done. It could give many children confidence about doing what they like whether its boy baking or a girl building things with legos if they see it as a normal thing to others than they have nothing to worry about.

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