Want to Live in Constantinople?

{If I'm telling you it safe then it's okay to} {say yes}

Constantinople is a wonderful place to live with many riches, since after all this is a rich city. This city has complete sewer system so then the streets won't be smelling as bad as other city's. This city is also safe since there is water on three sides which is protect when seeing if a barbarian or some other invaders try to break into the city, one example on how they defend this city is they put a chain across the harbor to stop intruders. This place is great for trading if you want to sell something you don't want anymore like clothing and other items. SO why would you not want to live here after all this is a rich city with great churches and this place is safe to keep you and your family away from harm. This city also has many great churches for you to go to for praying and to see wonderful paintings of Jesus and other stories from bible this place has everything for everyone so why would you not want to live here?!

Here is your house that we sold, it has amazing windows and a wonderful well built door and you don't even have to throw your waste outside all you have to do is throw down into the sewer system!

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