Hubert Jaundoo

Experienced Religious Leader in Massachusetts

About Hubert Jaundoo

A dedicated religious leader, Hubert Jaundoo serves as a pastor’s assistant at Bethesda Evangelical Lutheran Church in Springfield, Massachusetts. In this role, he produces and delivers sermons six to eight times each year. Hubert Jaundoo also makes church announcements, administers Communion, reads the biblical lexicon during services, and has written more than 30 Christian-themed articles. For three years, Dr. Jaundoo also performed the role of spiritual advisor at Mount St. Vincent Rehabilitation Center in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where he provided spiritual support and pastoral care for patients and their families as well as for staff members.

Hubert Jaundoo brings a wide-ranging education to his work. He earned both a doctorate of divinity and a master’s in ministry from Jacksonville Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida. He completed a postgraduate program in religion at the University of London and received a bachelor’s in agriculture from Bennett College in Manchester, England. In addition, Dr. Jaundoo studied leadership and management at Texas College, and he finished a 100-hour certification course in pastoral and crisis counseling through the American Association of Christian Counselors, of which he is a member.

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