What Hubris is and how to Avoid it

What is it?

Hubris is destructive arrogance. It's a hero's fatal flaw as well as a less than desirable trait for the men and women of today's society. Hubris is a human trait that cannot be taken away, however, it can be controlled.

Arrogance in the Odyssey

The Odyssey expertly displays arrogance in a manner that makes some readers view it as being heroic and in fact having Kleos (fame or glory) rather than being arrogant and rude.

When Odysseus defeated the cyclops, he wouldn't leave without pounding his chest and letting the cyclops bake in his vanquishment. This is an act of destructive arrogance because Odysseus could have sailed off quietly and made it home safely, however he poked at the cyclops and the cyclops became enraged. He bragged about his victory to the cyclops, which resulted in having boulders thrown at his ship and men. Odysseus endangered his crew's life to display his triumph and to degrade the cyclops. That, to me, is arrogance.

Arrogance in Modern Society

There are many examples of arrogance in the modern world.


Saddam Hussein

The "It" Boy from High School.

Hitler was arrogant for trying to take over the world at a very fast rate which resulted in him losing it all. The "It" Boy from High School is one of the most obvious examples of arrogance. "Mad Flow" thinks he's better than anyone else, sitting in the very back of the room so the teacher won't catch him texting, rolling his eyes at the kids who he think are lesser than him. He thinks life is all cool beans until he has to take high school over twice.

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